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Comixjoint Status Update

February 23 2014: Comixjoint.com has continued to make progress since my last update a few months ago, but I am sitll only up to section S. As first announced in the Forum, I completed reviews of the Zap Comix series, which can be found in section XYZ of the Underground Archives.

I skipped ahead to the Zap reviews in order for them to be crawled by search engine bots before the Underground section is completed. This will help Comixjoint's Google ranking for Zap and its overall search engine optimization (SEO) based on keyword popularity. Now that the Zap reviews are done, I will go back and finish off section S, which still includes reviewing the historic Snarf anthology.

All reviews from Rip Off Comix through section S (and Zap) include the popular lightbox feature for back cover artwork and certain interior pages (like a table of contents).

Comixjoint.com has already had over 500,000 page views with 800+ page views occurring every day. I've added Google Analytics to every page of the site, which will help me get more accurate data about page views, searches and visitors.

I continue to get comic creators and publishers contacting me to provide me with additional publishing history and to compliment the site. They've given me so much information, it will be tough to get everything updated, but I've already added a lot based on their feedback.

There are over 2,900 pages up on the site and I still have about 300 pages to go before completing the Underground Comix section. After finishing the underground section, I will move on to the sections devoted to alternative comics, small press comics and books and magazines.

It's taken years to get this far along, so I realize it will take more years to finish everything. I may recruit additional reviewers to help me complete the reviews in other sections. By the time all the sections are established, there will be over 10,000 pages on the site.

Stay tuned to this home page to see future updates, and be sure to join the Forum, which now has over 50 members (though only a handful are remotely "active members").

You can also contact me anytime at msteven@comixjoint.com.
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