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all atomic 3rd
writing solid
art competent
historical bonus 3
total score 7
All-Atomic Comics

3rd Printing / 1977 / 28 pages / Educomics

1st Printing 1976
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This is exactly what the title describes: comics that are all about atomic (nuclear) power. In his editorial on the inside front cover, editor Leonard Rifas admits that he is not presenting a balanced discussion about nuclear power. Not surprisingly, Rifas then goes on to make some solid arguments about the disadvantages of nuclear power. All-Atomic Comics sold well, with nearly 50,000 comics printed in at least five printings over three years.

Nuclear power is a huge topic, too huge to address here. While the technology of nuclear power has evolved over the past 35+ years (micro-nuclear plants are the rage now), the issue of dealing with nuclear waste remains a sticky point of debate. Rifas is a skilled narrator and voracious researcher, but his sense of humor is a little dry for the audience most likely to lend him their ear. Whether you are for or against nuclear power, this is a comic worth reading._


There were five printings of All-Atomic Comics. The 1st printing (10,000 copies) has a 75-cent cover price, and is easily distinguished from subsequent printings by the original cover art. The 2nd and 3rd printings (10,000 copies each) both have a $1.00 cover price, but the print edition is stated on the inside front cover. The 4th printing (10,000 copies) and 5th printing (7,500 copies) both have a $1.25 cover price, but the print edition is stated on the inside front cover.

Leonard Rifas (editor) - 1-8, 10, 11, 12 (script), 14-21, 22 (script), 23-28
Peter Weber - 7
Shelby Sampson - 7
Larry Rippee - 9, 12 (art), 13, 17, 22 (art)
Kevin Brady - 9
Melinda Gebbie - 9
Roger May - 12
Marc Miyashiro - 12
Moria Wright - 17
Delores Thom - 22
Ray Kott - 22


all atomic 1st   all atomic 2nd
1st Printing
75-cent cover price, indicates printing edition on the IFC.
_ 2nd Printing
$1.00 cover price, indicates printing edition on the IFC.