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american splendor 2
excellent writing
exceptional art
historical 3
score 9
American Splendor #2

Only Printing / Spring, 1977 / 60 Pages / Harvey Pekar

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American Splendor #2 expands from the first issue's 52 pages to 60 pages, which will remain the length of all the subsequent issues in the original series. The opening story is “The Harvey Pekar Name Story,” which is a bit different in appearance than most American Splendor stories, but typical in its meandering thought pattern. 48 consecutive panels (drawn by R. Crumb) of Pekar standing against a wall, telling a story about his name. Other fine tales include "Guerrilla Theater 'July '74 - On The Corner'" and "Roller Coaster To Nowhere." Full review coming soon.
It is currently unknown how many copies of this comic book were printed. Pekar was known to have printed approximately 5,000 copies of early issues of the book, which likely includes this issue. It has not been reprinted.
Harvey Pekar - 1-60 (stories)
Gary G. Dumm - 1 (art collaboration), 7-28 (art collaboration), 46 (art collaboration), 47-58 (art), 60 (art collaboration)
Greg Budgett - 1 (art collaboration), 7-28 (art collaboration), 46 (art collaboration), 60 (art collaboration)
Brian Bram - 2 (art), 29-40 (art), 59 (art)
Robert Crumb - 3-6 (art), 41-45 (art)