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arcade 1
excellent writing
masterpiece art
historical 5
score 10
Arcade, The Comics Revue #1

Only Printing / Spring
, 1975 / 44 Pages / The Print Mint
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Arcade, The Comics Revue was conceived by co-editors Art Spiegelman and Bill Griffith as a "comics magazine for adults" that would showcase the "best of the old and the best of the new comics." The first issue leads off with a Top Twenty Underground Covers award-winning front cover by Robert Crumb and is followed by contributions from an all-star cast of underground creator legends, including Jim Osborne, Robert Armstrong, Spain Rodriguez, S. Clay Wilson, Kim Deitch, Justin Green, Jay Kinney, Aline Kominsky, Jay Lynch, Victor Moscoso, Willy Murphy, Diane Noomin and Gilbert Shelton.

If you only read the first half of my review of the full Arcade series, you might think I detest this comic book. But nothing could be further from the truth. I treasure the care and deliberation that Spiegelman and Griffith employed when assembling this beautiful magazine. I enjoy the majority of stories here, especially Lynch's "Nard n' Pat" story, Willy Murphy's "Arnold Peck, the Human Wreck" and Art Spiegelman's "Real Dream." Throughout the magazine, the level of artistic quality is superlative and the writing is earnest and often funny, if sometimes overwrought.

I don't hand out perfect review scores of 10 to just any comic book. Arcade earned its score with a groundbreaking magazine with very high ambitions.

The Print Mint produced approximately 20,000 copies of this comic magazine. It has not been reprinted.
Art Spiegelman - (co-editor) 3, 5-7, 32
Bill Griffith - (co-editor) 3, 4, 11-13, 24
Robert Crumb - 1, 22, 23
Jim Osborne - 2, 3
Jay Lynch - 8-10
Willy Murphy - 14, 15
Spain Rodriguez - 16-18 (art)
Paul Krassner - 16-18 (script)
Kim Deitch - 19-21
Jay Kinney - 25-27
Gilbert Shelton - 28
Justin Green - 29-31
Harrison Cady - 33-36
S. Clay Wilson - 37-39 (art)
Bill Fowler 37-39 - (script)
Curt McDowell - 40
Michael McMillan - 40
Aline Kominsky - 41
George Kucher - 41
Robert Armstrong - (aka Aldo & Bobbo), 42
Diane Noomin - 42
Victor Moscoso - 44