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areba koala
pure drivel writing
kinda weak art
historical 0
score 0
Areba Koala

Only Printing / December, 1977 / 36 Pages / Kep Productions

If you like this comic after reading it,
you might want to consider selling any underground comics you happen to own. You are not ready to
be an underground comic book collector.

Why is Areba Koala considered an underground? Because it was produced in San Francisco in the '70s? I can't think of any other reason. Because in no way, shape or form is Areba Koala an underground comic book. With apologies to John J. Wozniak and his wife Michele, who produced the book, this thing is just junk. It's sappy and cloying, rampant with saccharine dialog and completely off target for an underground comic book audience. Check out the sample page included here. It is the funniest page in the book.

Areba Koala wouldn't even be on this site except for the fact that it is listed in Kennedy's Price Guide and Fogel's Price Guide and shows up on eBay as an underground. Comixjoint was designed in part to help collectors determine the quality and desirability of individual comic books. So I have included Areba Koala here as fair warning: Areba Koala would make any top ten list of underground comic books that you DON'T want.

It is currently unknown how many copies of this piece of crap were printed. But rest assured that too many still survive. Thankfully, it was not reprinted.
John J. Wozniak 1-36
Michele M. Wozniak 1-36 (lettering)