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Austin Stone 1
excellent writing
exceptional art
historical 2
total score 9
Austin Stone #1
Only Printing /
1975 / 36 Pages / Limestone Publications, Inc.
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Austin Stone #1 doesn't have the history of Armadillo Comics or even the cool back story of Austintatious, but damned if it isn't just as much fun. The comic book was produced by a group of local artists and cartoonists in Austin, including one of the forefathers of the psychedelic poster art scene, Jim Franklin.

The quality of most of the artwork in Austin Stone #1 is top notch, even for the ads that helped fund its printing; infused with the type of illustrations that Gilbert Shelton and Franklin popularized through their psychedelic posters and handbills for the Vulcan Gas Company and Armadillo World Headquarters. Though Austin Stone #1 may have been part of the last hurrah for the local psychedelic art scene, it remains a delightful reminder of what was so much fun about it.

It is currently unknown how many copies of this comic book were printed. It has not been reprinted.

Danny Garrett - 1
Dennis Harper - 3-4
Kerry Awn - 5
Jim Franklin - 5
Kerry Fitzgerald - 6-7
Unknown Contributor - 8
K. Sorenson - 9-12
Robby Campbell - 15-18 (art), 24 (ad)
Gary Kaufman - 15-18 (script)
M. Stinson - 19-20
John Shelton - 21-22, 25-26
Unknown Contributor - 27-33
Unknown Contributor - 34
Jim Harter - 35
Guy Juke - 36