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barbarian women 3
average writing
skilled art
historical 2
total score 6
Barbarian Women Comix #3

Only Printing / 1995 / 32 Pages / California Comics
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Eighteen years after the last issue of Barbarian Women, California Comics returns with the final issue. This is one of those fine examples of a comic sneaking into the underground collection due to its title and heritage. Barbarian Women #3 is primarily a sex comic (not that there's anything wrong with that!). For the most part, the artwork is skillfully drawn and feature plenty of boobs and some lusty snatch. Some of the stories aren't half-bad, either.
It is not currently known how many copies of this comic book were printed. It has not been reprinted. There is another version of the comic book (version B) with different cover art, but it was apparently printed at the same time as this one (version A). Version A came with a record, but I the book I have did not come with a record.
Frank Bella - 1, 3-6, 31 (text)
Liz Day Sidebottom 2 (text), 31 (text)
Danielle Lanear - 2 (photo), 31 (photo and text)
Aaron Culala - 7-12 (script), 31 (text)
"Trash" - 7-12 (art), 31 (text)
Casper - 13-16, 31 (text), 32
Craig Parrotte - 17-18, 31 (text)
Randy Vogel - 19-24, 31 (text)
Mark Ritch - 25-30, 31 (text)