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Big Yellow Drawing Book
excellent writing
skilled art
historical bonus 2
total score 7
The Big Yellow Drawing Book
1st Printing / June, 1974 / 68 Pages / Hugh O'Neill & Associates
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This is a how-to-draw book (mostly for children) produced by Dan O'Neill and his parents, Hugh and Marian. Its presence here in the Underground collection is due to its inclusion in most reference books about underground comics. But this is not an underground comic book in any way, shape or form. However, one of the key objectives of this website is to provide information about individual publications to people who may not know anything about underground comics, and despite the clear explanation on the cover of this book, who knows what might've actually been inside when some crazy underground artist is involved?

The Big Yellow Drawing Book is not a reference book for cartooning, but a straightforward how-to-draw workbook, intended to be drawn in by its readers. It begins with very simple exercises and slowly advances to more complex lessons, but never too complex for inexperienced artists. Though it may be intended for children, this book can also improve the cartooning skills of amateurs of every age. The Big Yellow Drawing Book is still available online after nearly 40 years, and has gotten all 5-star reviews on Amazon. And Dan O'Neill is a legendary figure in underground comics history, so please buy his book!


There are at least six printings of this comic book, all by Hugh O'Neill & Associates (distributed by O'Neill Distribution). It is currently unknown how many copies were produced for any of the printings. The 1st printing has a $1.50 cover price, the 2nd printing has a $2.50 cover price, the 3rd printing has a $6.50 cover price, and the 4th to 6th printings have a $6.95 cover price.

The book has been recently reprinted in two versions (a "Classic Edition" with white paper interior pages and a "Newsprint Edition" with newsprint interior pages), and they appear to be by the same publisher, which is Dan O'Neill's father. The Classic Edition has a $10.95 cover price and the Newsprint Edition has a $5.95 cover price, at least on the site that I linked above. The book is also available on Dan O'Neill's website for $10, but I don't know which of the two editions is being offered there.


Hugh Daniel O'Neill - 1
Dan O'Neill - 8-66