Saturday, July 23, 2011

I awoke pretty early today, so I went ahead and built three big sandwiches with the grocery stuff I bought yesterday, packed them up in a ziplock bag and hauled them to the Con. They didn’t last long. Steve got one of them and I don’t remember who took the other, but I ate the third.

I was a bit awestruck later in the day when Fogel introduced me to Denis Kitchen as he dropped by our booth to check out the Snatch Comics Treasury. Kitchen is certainly one of many heroes I most admire in the industry. And the legend parade kept rolling when I introduced myself to Ron Turner at the Last Gasp booth, but I failed to grab a photo op with him.

Dan shows off the Snatch Comics Treasury to Denis Kitchen

Today the FDHCCC booth was graced by Lizzy Borden, the notorious porn movie actress, director and provocateur, who dressed up like a female Joker and lured weak-kneed young men into our lair. I did not know Lizzy before the Con, but subsequent research indicates she is my kinda gal! She worked the booth all day long with Steve and will be well remembered (by more than just me) for her gregarious and inviting personality.

I tried to take the "red eye" out of Lizzy but turns out it's her natural glow

Like the previous two days, I spent a little time wandering around the Con taking photos. Of course, there’s an enormous amount of stuff to see and it takes a lot of time just to walk the floor, much less participate in any activities or promotions, or attend any previews or presentations. There’s even stuff going on outside the convention hall that looks intriguing or fun, like the South Park carnival set up in a parking lot. ┬áNext year I’ll try to do a little more homework about what I’d like to see, though I might have to spend more time working in the booth than I did this year. We’ll see what the comic book Gods bring to the table in 2012.

This photo shows about half of one of the major hallways at the SDCC

This inflatable from Konami was the biggest of its type at the Con

South Park found a new home in San Diego for a fun-filled weekend

The huge entertainment companies at the Con included several movie studios pimping upcoming flicks. I wasn’t so enamored with the hottest previews (The Adventures of Tintin, Haywire, Twixt, et al) as I was intrigued by interesting displays or movies that spark my interest.

This cool Hulk display towered over the masses at the Con

Everyone's fave, Men in Black, will have a third movie in 2012

After wrapping up another day at the booth (I haven’t been completely worthless during the Con, as I helped Fogel close the booth every evening), a small group headed out for dinner at Brian’s 24, a round-the-clock bar and grill on Sixth Avenue in the Gaslamp Quarter. Once again there was much merriment and good conversation. I ordered the chili spaghetti because I don’t often see it on a menu and I like it, but it was just okay (should’ve went with one of their famous breakfast dishes).

Dinner with Angelo, S.S. Crompton, Jack, Howard, Johnny Chambers and Fogel

Next up: Day Four with Captain America and More Lizzy Borden!