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bogeyman 2
solid writing
skilled art
historical bonus 3
total score 8
Bogeyman #2

Only Printing / 1969 / 32 Pages / San Francisco Comic Book

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By the time the second issue was published, just a few months after the first, Bogeyman had attracted many more contributors than just Rory Hayes. Jay Lynch, Jim Osborne, Rick Griffin (in a delightful jam with Rory), Robert Crumb, Kim Deitch and S. Clay Wilson all join in the fun. Rory also became the editor of the comic, so he controlled every aspect of the book. The result is in some ways a superior comic book compared to the first issue, as Jay Lynch and Jim Osborne provide two fine tales that truly recall the traditions of the old EC horror comics.

One of Hayes stories, "October Eve," has a nice build up but doesn't pay off at the end, which hurts the overall review score. But another one, "Evolve," features some of Hayes' finest early illustration. It's rather striking how much care and effort he took to stipple and hatch the line work in this story compared to his other two stories in the book. It's fair to say that "Evolve" does not suffer greatly when compared to the artwork that Lynch and Osborne contributed to this issue, which is high praise indeed.

It is currently unknown how many copies of this comic book were printed. It has not been reprinted. It is possible that Geoffrey Hayes has a story in this book that was attributed to Rory. I'm researching this now.

Rory Hayes - (editor) 9-13, 17 (collaboration), 19-27, 31 (ad)
Jay Lynch - 1, 14-16
Jim Osborne - 2-8
Rick Griffin - 17 (collaboration)
Robert Crumb - 18, 31 (ad)
Kim Deitch - 28
"Goursau" - 29
S. Clay Wilson - 30
Geoffrey Hayes - 32