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bogeyman flyer
excellent writing
skilled art
historical bonus 3
total score 8
Bogeyman #1 Flyer

Only Printing / 1968 / 1 Page / San Francisco Comic Book


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Bogeyman #1
This flyer came out in 1968 to promote the upcoming premier issue of Bogeyman, and it features some cool artwork by Rory Hayes that is not published elsewhere. The announcement on the flyer that the comic book was "coming in September" helps prove that Bogeyman #1 came out in 1968 and not 1969 as indicated in its indicia, and as reported in Kennedy's 1982 Price Guide and Fogel's 2006 Price Guide and 2010 supplement.

Just in case anyone doubts the veracity of Bogeyman's 1968 publishing date, here's the evidence to convince them: The indicia of Bogeyman #1 indicates the publishing year of 1969, but not the month. It is known that Robert Crumb and Don Donahue (and possibly S. Clay Wilson) asked Rory Hayes to do some smut comics for Snatch Comics #2 after they saw Bogeyman #1. So Hayes drew several pages of smut for Snatch Comics #2, which came out in January, 1969 (before Cunt Comics, which came out later in 1969).

This leaves only one possibility. Unless the publication date of Snatch Comics #2 is wrong and it was actually published much later, Bogeyman #1 must have been published in 1968, probably in the late fall of that year. Snatch Comics #2 has a well documented history, so I will trust that history over the indicia in Bogeyman #1 that haphazardly indicates 1969.

It should be noted that Patrick Rosenkranz got it right in his 2002 historical book Rebel Visions, citing the publication year of 1968 for Bogeyman #1. Fogel's Price Guide was also updated with the correct date when the new edition came out in 2014.
It is currently unknown how many copies were printed of the Bogeyman #1 Flyer by San Francisco Comic Book Company. The flyer was not reprinted.

Rory Hayes
Gary Arlington