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brainstorm 4
solid writing
skilled art
historical bonus 2
total score 6
Brainstorm Comix #3

Mixed Bunch #1


Only Printing / 1976 / 36 Pages / Alchemy Publications

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The third issue of Brainstorm Comix is called Mixed Bunch #1, intended as a "companion title" to the primary series. In this book, Bryan Talbot, who was still working on his Chester P. Hackenbush saga for the primary series, contributes the opening chapter of his even-more-ambitious mythical science fiction epic featuring Luther Arkwright, titled "The Papist Affair." In this chapter, Arkwright joins a gang of kick-ass biker nuns to recover the sacred artifacts of St. Adolf of Nuremberg from "a buncha male chauvinist priests."

"The Papist Nun" is, for this reader, not as instantly likable as the opening chapter of Talbot's Hackenbush story, but I have read very little subsequent Arkwright comics (just one other chapter in Near Myths as of this writing). Perhaps if I were to get more engaged with the story I would find it more enjoyable.

As for the rest of the comic book, Mixed Bunch is indeed a mixed lot, with stories by Hunt Emerson, Chris Welch and Paul Stubbs, plus a Mal Burns interview with Rick Griffin. I wasn't much into Welch's "Odmund" or Emerson's "Mercator" but found a bit of gritty fun in Stubbs' "Gary Grease." Burns provides good reading with his interview of Griffin and his "Graphic Eye" column, which always provides nifty historical tidbits for comic book aficianados.

It is currently unknown how many copies of this comic book were printed, but Alchemy Productions printed about 10,000 copies of the previous issue, so the presumption would be the volume was similar for this issue. It has not been reprinted.

Bryan Talbot - 1 (collaboration), 3-9, 10 (ad), 27(ad), 34 (collaboration), 36
Hunt Emerson - 1 (collaboration), 11-14, 34 (collaboration)
Paul Stubbs - 1 (collaboration), 18-25, 34 (collaboration)
Chris Welch - 1 (collaboration), 28-31, 34 (collaboration)
Denis Gifford - 2 (editorial)
Mal Burns - 15-17 (interview), 26-27 (text)
Rick Griffin - 15-17 (art)
Tim Earnshaw - 33, 34 (collaboration)