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brainstorm 5
spotty writing
skilled art
historical bonus 2
total score 5
Brainstorm Comix #5

Brainstorm Fantasy Comix #1


Only Printing / Summer, 1977 / 44 Pages / Alchemy Publications

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The fifth issue of Brainstorm is titled Brainstorm Fantasy Comix #1. This is a hodge podge of comics by British creators that did not sell well for publisher Lee Harris, and may have contributed to the demise of the series. At least editor Mal Burns went on to publish the fine Graphixus title for a few issues and then helped edit Pssst! before settling into a career supporting comic artists and producing computer graphics. He has a website that chronicles some of his underground experiences. Harris moved on to publish Britain's first marijuana-centric magazine, Home Grown, which also featured Talbot's Hackenbush in cannabis adventures with "the Smokey Bears."

It is currently unknown how many copies of this comic book were printed. Alchemy Productions printed about 10,000 copies of the second issue, and it seems that Brainstorm Fantasy Comix is fairly easy to find in the market, so I'm guessing there were at least 10,000 copies printed of this issue as well. It has not been reprinted.

John B. Higgins - 1, 40-42, 44
Bryan Talbot - 1 (logo), 17-19 (collaboration)
Alan Rack - 2
Mal Burns - 3 (editorial), 8-11 (collaboration), 16
Tony Schofield - 5-7 (collaboration)
Taylor - 5-7 (collaboration)
Steve Berridge - 8-11 (collaboration)
Keith J. Luck - 12-15
Alecks Waszynko (aka Bonk) - 17-19 (collaboration)
Henry James Davies - 20-22
George Szostek - 23-28
Colin MacLaughlan - 29-33
El Horteland - 35-39