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carload o comics
excellent writing
exceptional art
historical bonus 1
total score 8
Carload o' Comics

Only Printing / October, 1976 / 20 Pages / Belier Press
Originally published as an insert to Cheri Magazine to promote the paperback book of the same title. Some copies of this comic book were later bound and sold separately, but this is one of the original inserts extracted from the magazine. It is most interesting because a few of Robert Crumb's classic stories are printed for the first time in color, including "R. Crumb versus The Sisterhood" and "Big Fine Legs."

The stories inside are quintessential Crumb, but all of the (several) copies I have of this comic book are identically weak in one aspect: the color printing is not of good quality. Which is a shame. It's not that the coloration is bad, but that the printing is actually blurry, which makes it less than ideal to linger on the exquisite penmanship of Robert Crumb.

As someone with experience in the printing industry, it kind of pisses me off that this comic was printed so carelessly. There are plenty of other underground comics that suffered from bad printing, but those were primarily due to inherent problems with cheap printing machines and inexperienced and/or half-stoned pre-press technicians and machine operators. Carload o' Comics was printed by an established printing company for widespread distribution in a national magazine. I can't pinpoint the blame for the poor print quality of Carload o' Comics, but I do wish I could have been the one in charge of pre-production when this carload o' crap was printed.


Kennedy reports that some copies of Carload o' Comics were printed as stand-alone comic books and not inserted into Cheri Magazine. It is currently unknown how many comic books were printed in total or as stand-alone comics.
Robert Crumb - 1-20
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