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cartoon history 1
excellent writing
skilled art
historical bonus 3
total score 9
The Cartoon History of the Universe #1

1st Standard Printing / September, 1978 / 52 Pages / Rip Off Press
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The first issue of The Cartoon History of the Universe begins with the big bang theory, so we immediately understand that Larry Gonick intends to present his historical epic from an evolutionary and secular humanist perspective.
There is still some confusion about the number of printings of early issues of The Cartoon History of the Universe. It is known that there is a deluxe edition of the first seven books, but some sources (including the 2006 FUG and 2010 Supplement) mistakenly believe the deluxe edition was the 3rd or 4th printing (printed after the 2nd standard edition). The deluxe editions were probably printed right before or right after the standard editions of the 1st printing.

The standard edition has a $1.00 cover price and the deluxe edition has a $2.50 cover price. The 3rd printing (or 2nd standard printing, if you don't count the deluxe edition separately) of the first issue (not shown) has a $1.25 cover price. I have yet to see evidence of a 4th printing with a different cover price or ink coloring similar to the "red box" deluxe edition price box (linked below).
Larry Gonick - 1-52
cartoon history 1 deluxe
Deluxe Edition
$2.50 cover.