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chicago mirror 2
average writing
skilled art
historical bonus 4
total score 9
Chicago Mirror #2
1st Printing / early 1968 / 16 Pages / Jay Lynch/Mirror Publishing

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Chicago Mirror #2 came out in Chicago at about the same time Zap Comix #1 came out in San Francisco, and they were certainly different types of publications. But Chicago Mirror #2 did have some pretty incendiary content, including a one-page comic by Lynch that exposed the absurdity of racial segregation.

It's also fun to read the letters page that includes missives from Harvey Kurtzman and Bill Killeen (pioneer of college humor magazines). Peter Green returns to provide front cover art again, but this illustration of Gene Autry just ain't as charming as his work for the first issue.



It is currently unknown how many copies of this magazine were printed. It has not been reprinted.

Jay Lynch - (editor), 2, 4 (text collaboration), 5, 11-13, 15
Peter Green - 1, 3
Gilbert Shelton - 3
Jane Shay - 4 (text collaboration), 13 (text collaboration)
Skip Williamson - 4, 6, 8-10, 14
Robin Tyner - 5
Wallace Wood - 8
Walt Whitman 6 (poem)