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Choice Meats 1 1st
solid writing
skilled art
historical bonus 2
total score 6
Choice Meats Comics #1
1st Printing / 1971 / 36 Pages / Peanut Juice Productions

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George Hansen and Richard Schnadig deliver mostly one-page comics with a deviant sense of humor. Richard Schnadig, who only appears in the first printing of Choice Meats #1, is particularly brazen with his depictions of grotesquely drawn body parts and mounds of excrement. Some of the material is a little weak, but the highlights are certainly worth enduring the low points. A few of Hansen's comics attempt to parody racism in the same way Robert Crumb parodied racism, but I'm not so sure Hansen succeeds in delivering the parody (then again, I'm not so sure Crumb did either).

Given my disposition for embracing the raunchy and grotesque, I happen to like Choice Meats #1 quite a bit, just as I like Spiffy Stories, All Duck, Thrilling Murder, Kosmic City Komix, the classic smut digests (Cunt, Snatch, Jiz, Felch), and most Dave Geiser comics. If you have a similar propensity, you will enjoy Choice Meats #1 too. Just remember to get the first printing, which is the only one that includes Richard Schnadig's raunchy comics.


There are two printings of this comic book, both with 50-cent cover prices. The 1st printing is by Peanut Juice Productions and the 2nd printing is by Adams Apple Distributing. They are easily distinguished from each other as the 1st print has a yellow border around the front cover art and the 2nd printing has a red border. The 2nd printing also has eight less pages of content than the 1st printing.

George Hansen - 1-5, 7-8, 13-19, 21-28, 34-36
Richard Schnadig - 6, 9-12, 20, 29-33
choice meats
2nd Printing
50-cent cover
with red border.