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choice meats 2
solid writing
skilled art
historical bonus 2
total score 6
Choice Meats Comics #2
1st Printing / 1971 / 36 Pages / Peanut Juice Productions

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George Hansen shares the stage again with Richard Schnadig in the second issue of Choice Meats Comics. Art Spiegelman, Jay Kinney and Jay Lynch also collaborate on a two-page spread, but it's still mostly one-page comics by Hansen and Schnadig, and this time they really get down and dirty. If you enjoy crudity, Choice Meats Comics #2 will make your day (especially if you get the first printing with Richard Schnadig's comics).

Given my disposition for embracing the raunchy and grotesque, I happen to like Choice Meats series quite a bit, just as I like Spiffy Stories, All Duck, Thrilling Murder, Kosmic City Komix, the classic smut digests (Cunt, Snatch, Jiz, Felch), and most Dave Geiser comics. If you have a similar propensity, you will enjoy Choice Meats too. Just remember to get the first printings, which are the only ones that include Richard Schnadig's raunchy comics.

There were two printings of this comic book and they are significantly different. The 1st printing is easily distinguished from the 2nd printing by completely different front cover art. The 1st printing also has eight more pages of content than the 2nd printing, as the comic was pared down to only George Hansen comics.

George Hansen - 1-5, 8, 11-22, 25-31, 34, 35 (ad), 36
Richard Schnadig - 6-7, 23-24, 32-33
Art Spiegelman - 9-10 (collaboration)
Jay Kinney - 9-10 (collaboration)
Jay Lynch - 9-10 (collaboration)
P. Simon - 9-10 (collaboration)