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solid writing
skilled art
historical bonus 2
total score 6
Choice Meats 1 1st _ choice meats 2
Choice Meats #1
Choice Meats #2
Choice Meats Comics

1971-1972 / Peanut Juice Productions - Adam's Apple Distributing
If you're in the market to buy one or both issues of Choice Meats Comics, you should know that there are significant differences between the first and second printings of both issues. Both second printings eliminate eight pages of content from the first printings, which make the second printings 28-page all-George-Hansen books instead of 36-page books featuring Hansen and Richard Schnadig (plus one two-page jam in the second issue by Art Spiegelman, Jay Lynch and Jay Kinney).

There's no doubt that the first printings are more representative of the original spirit of the title, which was to exploit the freedoms won by the underground comic revolution and print some really raunchy comics. That objective is achieved in no small part due to Richard Schnadig, who contributed 16 pages of pure filth to the two first printings. Schnadig could barely draw, but that didn't stop him from depicting a nasty gallery of grotesque pussies, abundant feces and rocket-fueled dildos. If anyone ever succeeded in channeling Rory Hayes during his Cunt Comics phase, it's Schnadig.

Bear in mind, it's actually George Hansen who dominates Choice Meats, and even his contributions change from the first to the second printings of both issues. If you are a Hansen fan, you will have to buy both printings of both comics to get everything he produced for the title. More than any other underground comic, Choice Meats makes it worth your while to get all the printings of all the issues (granted, that's just four comic books) to get all the fun.

And just how much fun is to be had in Choice Meats Comics? Well, the review scores of 6 for both comics is weighed down by some kinda crappy drawing and several relatively weak jokes and scripts, but the highlights are certainly worth enduring the low points. I can promise you that both issues deliver some bawdy and vulgar comics that few cartoonists outside of Mike Diana have ever conceived (once again, thanks to Schnadig). There are also a few comics by Hansen that attempt to parody racism in the same way Robert Crumb parodied racism, but I'm not so sure Hansen succeeded in delivering the parody (then again, I'm not so sure Crumb did either).

Given my disposition for embracing the raunchy and grotesque, I happen to like Choice Meats quite a bit, just as I like Spiffy Stories, All Duck, Thrilling Murder, Kosmic City Komix, the classic smut digests (Cunt, Snatch, Jiz, Felch), and most Dave Geiser comics. If you have a similar propensity, you will enjoy Choice Meats too.