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solid writing
butt ugly art
historical bonus 4
total score 7
Come Out Comix
2nd Printing / March, 1974 / 36 Pages / Portland's Women Resource Center
1st Printing 1973?
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In Come Out Comix, Mary Wings tells the story of her realization that she was a lesbian and the process of coming out and forging new relationships. This groundbreaking book was the first comic book entirely about lesbianism. Although Wings was clearly challenged when it came to drawing cartoons, Come Out Comix remains a very interesting and candid autobiographical account by a young woman finding her sexual identity. After producing a couple more (badly drawn but interesting) comic books, Mary Wings went on to become an award-winning novelist writing lesbian detective stories.


There are three printings of this comic book. The 1st printing (unknown copies, self-published by Mary Wings) has a 75-cent cover price and the covers are printed in red and black ink on yellow paper stock. The 2nd and 3rd printings (unknown copies) were published by the Portland Women's Resource Center. The 2nd printing has a full-color front cover (pictured above), a 75-cent cover price (noted on the back cover), and interior pages printed on a cream paper stock that is higher grade than standard newsprint. The 2nd printing also states "1st printing March 1974 U.S.A." on the first interior page of the book.

The 3rd printing came out in 1977 and has a $1.00 cover price noted on the front cover, which makes it easy to distinguish from the 2nd printing. The interior pages are printed on standard newsprint paper.

Mary Wings - 1, 3-34
come out comix
3rd Printing
$1.00 cover,
newsprint interior.