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comix trip
solid writing
skilled art
historical bonus 2
total score 7
Comix Trip

Only Printing / July, 1976 / 32 Pages / Cornbelt Comix
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Comix Trip is a pretty good underground parody published by Cornbelt Comix Company in Lincoln, Nebraska. It seems apparent that the creators intended to spoof Marvel's short-lived venture into underground comix, as the logo for the title of this book is quite similar to the logotype of Comix Book. This book was also published the same month and year that the final issue of Comix Book came out.

The art and writing is hit and miss in Comix Trip, which drags down its overall score, but there's plenty of entertaining stuff to be found. This is one of the those comics that I enjoy not because it's great, but because it's pretty funny and doesn't take itself too seriously. The no-name Nebraska locals who produced this book (primarily Scott Stewart and Jim Gardner) may have never been heard from again, but they clearly know who the underground comic legends are, and their aspirations to achieve similar counterculture status is simultaneously sincere, hopeless and funny.

Comix Trip isn't an easy book to track down, but it is one I recommend you pick up if you can find it.


Cornbelt Comix printed 400 to 500 copies of this comic book. It has not been reprinted.

Scott Stewart - 1, 2 (collaboration), 3-7, 16-17, 19, 23-26, 30 (collaboration), 31 (ad)
Shelly Becker - 2 (collaboration)
Kyle Smith - 2 (collaboration), 9-10 (art), 30 (collaboration)
Jim Gariner (aka Vincent Van Gutte) 8, 9-10 (script), 18, 28, 30 (collaboration)
Bart Becker - 11-13 (script)
Greg Scott - 11-13 (art), 15
John Menzies - 20
David Cabbage - 30 (collaboration)
Robert Culver, Jr. - 32