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complete foo 672




solid writing
skilled art
historical bonus 5
total score 9
The Complete FOO!
Edition #672 / 1980 / Bijou Publishing Empire
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The Complete FOO! is a collection of three comic books originally published in 1958 by Robert Crumb and his older brother Charles (along with one story in the first issue by Robert's classmate, Mike Britt). Though Robert and Charles were only 14 and 16 years old at the time, they had already been drawing comic books for years. FOO was their first attempt to publish comic books that they would actually sell to the public.

FOO comics offers parodies of the Crumb brothers' favorite horror and funny animal comics. The stories are clearly influenced by the parody and satire found in '50s-era MAD, which the brothers consciously emulated. For teenagers, both Robert and Charles wrote and drew comics quite well, though Robert had not yet found his mature, LSD-inspired illustration style.


Bijou Publishing Empire printed a limited, numbered edition of 800 sets of The Complete FOO!, plus about a dozen Artist's Proof sets (both are viewable here). The series has not been reprinted.

Robert Crumb
Charles Crumb
complete foo artists proof
Artists Proof
Same as numbered
edition except stamped
with "Artist's Proof."