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cosmic circus 4
excellent writing
skilled art
historical bonus 2
total score 8
Cosmic Circus #4
2nd Printing / 1977 / 40 pages / Cosmic Brain Trust
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Based on the front cover art by Statts Wyon, Cosmic Circus #4 sure doesn't look like an art and literary magazine. But it does look a heck of a lot like an underground comic. Editor Rey King contributes plenty of content once again and he is joined by a handful of poets and illustrators.

There are two printings of this magazine. The 2nd printing shown above has comic characters featured in four circles on the front cover. The 1st printing has comic characters featured in six circles on the front cover. The 1st printing also has 36 pages compared to 40 pages for the 2nd printing. It is currently unknown how many copies were produced for either printing. The list of comic creators below describes the content of the 1st printing.

Rey King - (editor), 1, 5-6, 7-12, 25, 26 (text), 27-30
Statts Wyon - 1
Katherine Dumas - 16 (poem)
Donald McGilvray - 19, 24
Zamberlin - 20
Cannon - 32 (text)
Ed Drew - 36