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Cover-Up Lowdown
1st Printing / November, 1977 / 52 pages / Rip Off Press
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Cover-Up Lowdown was published shortly after Kitchen Sink's Corporate Crime Comics #1 and features a similar theme, though it does differ slightly in subject matter and tone. Jay Kinney and Paul Mavrides collaborated on several major contributions that make up the bulk of this 52-page, dual-cover flip book.

There were two printings of Cover-Up Lowdown, both with a 75-cent cover price and both printed by Rip Off Press. The 1st printing does not have the words "of" and "and" included in the top banner proclamation on the primary front cover (shown above), "48 Pages of Facts and Fiction," whereas the 2nd printing (linked below) does include these two words. There were approximately 10,000 copies produced for both printings, but about 7,000 copies of the 2nd printing were destroyed by Rip Off Press around 1980 in order to avoid paying a federal inventory tax.

Paul Mavrides - 1, 3-11 (collaboration), 13-23 (collaboration), 24, 26-50 (collaboration)
Jay Kinney - 3-11 (collaboration), 12, 13-23 (collaboration), 25-28, alternate cover art (collaboration), 26-50 (collaboration)
Fred Todd - 51
Harry S. Robins - alternate cover art (collaboration)
2nd printing
2nd Printing
Includes words "of" and
"and" on front cover.