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the firm
excellent writing
exceptional art
historical bonus 3
total score 8
Cozmic Comics #1
Only Printing / 1972 / 52 pages / H. Bunch Associates
Back Cover
Indicia Page
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Back Cover
Back Cover
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Riight off the bat, Cozmic Comics knows who (and what) will butter their bread. Robert Crumb's drawing on the front cover of the inaugural issue helps Cozmic establish that, yes, there will be cartoons of naked women inside this comic! Crumb also gets the first story, "Street Corner Daze," which is a two-page anti-speed story with some great panels of freaked out druggies and anthropomorphic hypodermic needles.

Richard Corben's EC Comics-inspired "Lame Lem's Love" is reprinted from Skull Comics #2, followed by Greg Irons "Head Before Tail," which is reprinted from Skull Comics #1. Dave Sheridan gets a two-page Dealer McDope tale and John Fawcett gets one of his Mickey Mouse illustrations in the center spread (this one is not from his Works of Art Comics, but apparently a Funny World magazine, so it's nice to see).

Crumb returns for his nine-page shitfest epic "Pete the Plumber" from his one-man classic Your Hytone Comix. Greg Irons provides a couple quick stories (one scripted by Tom Veitch) before Bill Griffith's terrific "Love-Nest for Three!" is reprinted from Young Lust #1. "Love-Nest" is a sublime spoof of romance comics, centered on a love triangle that gets hot and heavy! Ron Beddall finally represents the British underground with the three-page "Ebony Eyes."

The debut of Cozmic Comics is almost entirely made up of American comics, but whoever edited the book did a decent job of picking some solid stories for our English friends. The reprinted comics helps get the title off to a good start and enables H. Bunch to incorporate more and more native comic artists as future issues are published.

It is currently unknown how many copies of this comic book were printed. It has not been reprinted.

Robert Crumb - 1 (shared), 5 (shared), 6-7, 28-36
Richard Corben (aka Gore) - 1 (shared), 8-15
Bill Griffith - 1 (shared), 43-47
John Fawcett - 2, 26-27
Ed Barker - 5 (shared)
Greg Irons - 16-23, 37-39 (art), 40-42 , 51
Dave Sheridan - 24-25
Tom Veitch - 37-39 (script)
Ron Beddall - 48-50
unknown contributor - 52