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cozmic comics 5
solid writing
competent art
historical bonus 3
total score 6
Cozmic Comics #5
Only Printing / February 1973 / 52 pages / H. Bunch Associates
Back Cover
Indicia Page
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Back Cover
Back Cover
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After the tour de force of the fourth issue, can Cozmic Comics keep the momentum going in the fifth? Well, though the cover art (a snippet of Greg Irons) is kind of lame, they sure get off to a great start with Irons' and Tom Veitch's "Ecotopia 2001," which looks at how cops and society have changed in San Francisco at the turn of the millenium. Turns out that turning the tables doesn't really change much after all.

Kevin O'Keefe then delivers a somewhat vapid four-pager about a man who's afraid of women, but Kim Deitch follows with decent story about Waldo "Offing the Pig." Not the best of Deitch, but it'll do. A scandalous sendup of Li'l Red Riding Hood follows Deitch, which leads to a story about a hallucinogenic Art Linkletter on his death bed starring in his last TV show.

J. Jeff Jones and Martin Sudden reprise their "Blathers & Duff" characters from the fourth issue in "The Moving Finger Bites!" Though not quite as picturesqe as the first installment, it's interesting to see Blathers and Duff move deeper into the British counterculture, which can be a dangerous thing. In this story, word balloons are added to the illustrations as well as the running text at the bottom of the page. Not sure that helps much, but there is a stunning two-page spread near the climax of the story.

The story "Parental Drug Abuse," which advises children how to spot illicit drug use in their parents, originally appeared in Drool in 1972. It appears here as well, but completely re-drawn for British fans.
Tim Boxell's "The Grip of the Grave" is also reprinted from 1972's Bizarre Sex #1.

The other stories in this issue are generally weaker stuff, but overall the content remains pretty solid. Just not on the level of Cozmic #4. The back cover art (viewable in the right sidebar), through uncredited, is pretty cool in a John Thompson sort of way. Almost makes up for the goofy front cover art.

It is currently unknown how many copies of this comic book were printed. It has not been reprinted.

Greg Irons - 1, 3-8 (art), 51 (art)
Paddy Morris - 2, 22
Tom Veitch - 3-8 (script), 27-34 (script), 51 (collaboration)
Kevin O'Keefe - 9-12, 36-37
Kim Deitch - 13-15
Malcolm Livingstone - 16-17
Ned Sonntag - 18-21
J. Jeff Jones - 23-28 (script)
Martin Sudden - 23-28 (art)
Renrut - 29
William Rankin - 30-31, 38-39
Jay Kinney - 32-35 (script)
Rod Bedall - 32-35 (art)
Tim Boxell - 40-47, 50
M. Freetts (sp?) - 48-49
unknown contributor - 52