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cozmic comics 6
excellent writing
exceptional art
historical bonus 3
total score 8
Cozmic Comics #6
Only Printing / 1974 / 36 pages / H. Bunch Associates
Back Cover
Indicia Page
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Back Cover
Back Cover
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Over a year after the previous issue came out, H. Bunch published the final issue of Cozmic Comics, though for some reason they called it Cosmic Comix. They also decided to reboot Cozmic Comics as a smaller, American-size comic book, downsizing not only the dimensions of the book, but the quantity of pages (from their standard 52 to the American standard of 36). Mind you, H. Bunch stayed busy in between the last two issues of Cozmic, putting out several other comic-book publications in 1973. So do they revive this title for a proper send off or tarnish its solid reputation?

Well, Brian Bolland gets Cozmic #6 off to a great start with one of his "Little Nympho in Slumberland" stories. When Bolland spent five years at three different art schools in the early '70s, he learned nothing about comics from any faculty, but he did contribute to comic fanzines and underground publications, including "Little Nympho" comics. Several "Little Nympho" strips were produced at that time, so I'm not sure if the one here was originally published elsewhere, but it's terrific.

The next few stories are either good or very good, but none match the excellence of Evert Geradt's "Honey Miles, Honey's Sweet Revenge." This fast-paced, seven-page story explores why Honey Miles is acting so confident in the face of a sexual assault from a murderer, but we sure get our answer in the end! There's also a surprise in the middle of the story that took me utterly unprepared, which is a delightful phenomenom to encounter in a 40-year-old comic. Great story by Geradts.

The three stories that close the book are also pretty good, though the last one ("Holy Joe-Funnies") telegraphs its punchline. Still, it turns out that H. Bunch revived Cozmic Comics for good reason and the series ends with a satisfying final issue. Most remarkably, there isn't an American contributor in the whole book! Robert Crumb's art appears for an ad on the inside back cover, but all the comics come from Britains and one Dutchman (Geradts).

It is currently unknown how many copies of this comic book were printed. It has not been reprinted.

Joe "J.J." Petagno - 1
Joshua Thomas - 2
Brian Bolland - 3-6
Marcus Livingstone - 8-11
Paul Simmons - 12-13
Mike Weller - 14-16
Edward Barker - 17-18
Evert Geradts - 19-25
Malcolm Poynter - 26-27
unknown contributor - 28-32
J.C. Moody - 33-34
Robert Crumb - 35 (ad)
Wyndham Raine - 36