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newsprint version
solid writing
skilled art
historical bonus 4
total score 9
Cunt Comics

Newsprint Paper Version / 1969 / 28 pages / Apex Novelties

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Cunt Comics is probably the most notorious title of any underground comic book in history. But as offensive as some of the cartoons in this comic may be, they are also very funny and revealing at times. The front cover art, crude as it appears, set a certain playful tone with its invitation to "come on in!" and its declaration that Cunt is "the only comic you can eat!"

I can't pretend to have perfect insight on Hayes' intentions 40+ years ago, but his older brother Geoffrey says that cartooning was something that Rory always did to entertain himself, not to entertain others. Geoffrey believes that his little brother produced Cunt Comics as a form of therapy; "While Cunt seems a work of insanity, I believe it was a means for Rory to avoid insanity, curbing his demons by expressing them."

Apex Novelties printed one edition of Cunt Comics, which included two versions. One version has newsprint interior pages (unknown number of copies) and the other has white paper interior pages (approximately 100 copies). The difference between the interior paper stock of the two versions of Cunt Comics is demonstrated here. I also have a misprint or test print of the book, which is viewable through the link below.
Rory Hayes - 1, 3-10, 12-16, 18-28
Jay Lynch - 2
Don Donahue - 11
Kim Deitch - 17
cunt comics _ cunt comics test printing
White Paper Version
White paper interior.
Test Print
Missing magenta ink.