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excellent writing
skilled art
historical bonus 2
total score 8
demented pervert _ demented pervert 2
Demented Pervert #1
Demented Pervert #2
Demented Pervert

1971-1972 / Yahoo Productions
Dave Geiser was quite prolific in the early and mid '70s, producing a slew of his unique comic visions in titles like Saloon, Clowns, Honky Tonk, Pain, Uncle Sham, and Edge City. Yahoo Productions, the publisher of this twin-issue title in the early '70s, was the production company Geiser launched to publish his own work.

Geiser arrived in San Francisco in 1969 after graduating from the University of Vermont and soon befriended a litany of musicians, writers and artists. He had been offered a fellowship at Yale University to study art; he chose to stick around San Francisco and explore the limits of the underground comic scene. In a 2009 interview with, Geiser talked about the choice he made; “To this day I don’t know if it was the right decision, but I felt like I was in the middle of something that was happening right now and then. I feel like I would have missed something important if I went back northeast to study at Yale.”

Besides creating a dozen unique underground comic books, Geiser produced limited edition publications (sometimes signed in his own blood), rock concert posters, album covers, and editorial cartoons for The New York Times. His illustration style is often dense, like S. Clay Wilson's, and every bit as grotesque, but Geiser's eccentric world is grounded in a dark reality that Wilson rarely touches with his ornate, costumed fantasies. Even when Geiser explores a hallucinogenic trip with his characters, they are typically harrowing rides through a sticky corridor of debauchery.

Geiser explores those perverse worlds and plenty more in the two issues of Demented Pervert. The first issue is a Gatling gun of searing one-pagers and snappy stories with self-explanatory titles; "Pete Pervert," "Funky Freddie's Womb Room," "Shoe Fetish," "Anal Chastity Belt," and "Pervert o' de Month." Geiser's characters face their worst nightmares and greatest fantasies, and sometimes those are one and the same thing. He also takes a stand for environmental issues and the poisons that corporate America spatters across an entire society. The second issue features less one-shot jokes and more stories, including "Billy Barstool, "North Beach Blanket Bingo," "Hung Low," and "Lester Fester."

In the late '70s, Geiser recognized the festering carcass that underground comics had turned into and he stopped drawing comic books. He returned to his original passion from a decade before and went back to New York to take up painting again. His long-term success (meaning his ability to make a living) with abstract painting is indicative of his polished facility with design, color and texture. His short-term success with underground comics helped him hone his observational sensitivity and bullshit radar. Geiser was one of a kind in the underground comic era. Whether you are grateful for that or yearning for more artists with his vision says a lot more about you than it does about Mr. Geiser.