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solid writing
skilled art
historical bonus 2
total score 6
Volume 1, Number 4 / November 12, 1968 / ? pages
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Extra! was a twice-monthly underground newspaper in Providence, Rhode Island that existed for at least a couple years in 1968 and '69. Wikipedia recognizes it as the only underground paper in Rhode Island, but there's not much more on the internet about it. Anyone who can provide additional details about the paper is welcome to contact me at msteven@comixjoint.com.

The content of this issue appears to be typical for local underground papers at the time, with anti-war and anti-establishment articles and announcements. There is an interesting review of a couple of local rock shows in Providence, one by Cream and the other by Janis Joplin's Big Brother and the Holding Company. If Extra! does nothing else, it shows that the counterculture of the '60s had quickly taken root throughout the nation, no matter how strongly opposing forces tried to stop it.

It is currently unknown what the circulation of this newspaper was, but since it was based in Providence and was not a free paper, it seems likely to have been rather low.