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freak brothers 1 3rd
brilliant writing
masterpiece art
historical bonus 5
total score 10
The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers #1
3rd Printing / 1971 / 52 pages / Rip Off Press

First Printing February, 1971

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The debut of the first Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers comic book came years after Gilbert Shelton had already popularized the characters through countless appearances in underground newspapers across the country (and the world). The comic strips that appear in this issue were culled from Freak Brothers strips Shelton had produced for various publications, including the L.A. Free Press. The majority of stories here are one-pagers, but there are a few multi-page stories, including "The Freaks Pull A Heist" and "The Freak Brothers Go To College," both memorable and funny tales.
There are 21 printings of this comic book, all by Rip Off Press. There are too many variations, cover tells and other miscellaneous historical information to be notated for all 21 printings in this space, so that information will be provided on the pages associated with each particular printing. The cover prices and a brief description of the variations are noted in the table of linked images below.
Gilbert Shelton 1-52
freakbrothers1-1st _ freakbrothers1-2nd _ not scanned _ freakbrothers1-5th
1st Printing
50-cent cover, purple price, zipatone road, gray tire, black flag.
2nd Printing
50-cent cover, purple price, white road and tire, yellow fire escape.
4th Printing
50-cent cover, blue price, cross hatching added to many areas.
5th Printing
50-cent cover, blue price, green fence, barrel and boot.
freakbrothers1-6th _ freakbrothers1-7th _ not available _ freakbrothers1-9th
6th Printing
50-cent cover, blue price, brown fence, barrel and boot.
7th Printing
50-cent cover, German language (includes parts of issues 1 & 2).
8th Printing
50-cent cover, Jesus ad on page 50 is for 50 cents instead of $1.25.
9th Printing
50-cent cover, pink interior paper.
freakbrothers1-10th _ freakbrothers1-11th _ freakbrothers1-12th _ freakbrothers1-13th
10th Printing
50-cent cover, no cross hatching on billy clubs, matt cover.
11th Printing
60-cent cover.
12th Printing
75-cent cover.
13th Printing
75-cent cover, pink interior paper, limited edition w/ letter.
freakbrothers1-14th _ not available _ freakbrothers1-16th _ freakbrothers1-17th
14th Printing
$1.00 cover.
15th Printing
$1.25 cover.
16th Printing
$1.50 cover.
17th Printing
$2.00 cover.
freakbrothers1-18th _ not scanned _ not scanned _ not scanned
18th Printing
$2.95 cover.
19th Printing
$3.25 cover.
20th Printing
$3.95 cover.
21st Printing
$4.95 cover.