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If you are new to collecting underground comix, be sure to check out our Top 50 Comix page (coming soon!) to discover some of the most notorious underground comix ever published. You can learn more from visiting our Archives, as well as our Forum and Features sections.

Because print editions (coming soon!) are important to underground collectors, we include scans of duplicate issues in our archives whenever we have distinct print editions. Although the majority of comix in our underground collection were printed in the 1960s and '70s, there were underground titles that had issues published up to the 1990s and beyond. These issues are included in the underground section for the sake of consistency.

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New Fogel Underground Price Guide Published
The new, long-anticipated edition of Fogel's Underground Price and Grading Guide (FUGG) has finally arrived! It's available in two versions: a standard softcover edition for $39.95 and a hardcover limited edition for $74.95. Both versions are available for ordering at hippycomix.com.

The new FUGG has been completely rewritten from the 2006 first edition (and 2010 Supplement), including updated prices and detailed printing identifications for over 9,600 listings (almost twice as many as the first edition). It features an Underground Comix Grading Guide, articles, galleries, biographies, and market analysis.

The hardcover edition includes all the content of the softcover plus a book plate that is personally signed by cover artist Frank Stack and author Dan Fogel. Insider tip: there are less than 25 copies left of the 100 original limited edition hardcovers, which sold very well during the pre-sale promotion.

Comixjoint Update
March 28 2015: I've been working on reviews for several months and I'm well into section T of the Underground section. Comixjoint.com has already had over 800,000 page views and there are over 3,000 pages up on the site. I'm trying to rush through the remaining comic reviews before the FUGG drives even more people to peruse the reviews.

I continue to get comic creators and publishers contacting me to provide me with additional publishing history and to compliment the site. They've given me so much information, it will be tough to get everything updated, but I've already added a lot based on their feedback.

It's taken years to get this far along, so I realize it will take more years to finish everything. I may recruit additional reviewers to help me complete the reviews in other sections. By the time all the sections are established, there will be over 10,000 pages on the site.

Stay tuned to this home page to see future updates, and be sure to join the Forum, which now has over 90 members.
You can also contact me anytime at msteven@comixjoint.com.
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