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insect fear 2
excellent writing
exceptional art
historical bonus 2
total score 8
Insect Fear #2
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1st-2nd Printing / March, 1970 / 28 pages / The Print Mint
Insect Fear #2 is a terrific homage to the classic EC horror comics of the 1950s, only with lots of naked women and sex. Roger Brand describes the ancient legend of strange beasts in "Blood-Murders." S. Clay Wilson pens a terrific inside cover as well as the gruesome "Insect Angst" (the 1st page of the story is a masterpiece from Wilson). Jim Osborne shows us what happens when serial murderers become careless with their choice of victims. As long as you've got the stomach for it, this is one of the better underground comics from the golden age.
There are two printings of this comic book, both by The Print Mint and both selling for 50 cents (though there is no price listed on the covers). The 1st printing (20,000 copies) and 2nd printing (unknown copies) are considered indistinguishable from one another. Kennedy lists the 1st printing of Insect Fear #1 as being published at the same time (March, 1970) as the first issue of the title, which seems highly unlikely. I would guess this book actually came out in 1971.
Spain Rodriguez - 1, 19-24
S. Clay Wilson - 2, 14-15
Kim Deitch - 3-10
Roger Brand - 11-13
Justin Green - 16-18
Jim Osborne - 25-31
Rory Hayes - 32-35
Willie Mendes - 36