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excellent writing
skilled art
historical bonus 2
total score 7
manhunt comix 1 _ manhunt comix 2
Manhunt! #1
Manhunt Comix #2
Manhunt Comix

1973-1974 / The Print Mint - Co-op Press

Manhunt Comix (titled Manhunt! in the first issue) has many notable contributors, including Aline Kominsky, Trina Robbins, Ted Richards and Bobby London, among others. Most of the stories featured in this short-lived series revolve around women and their volatile relationships with men, but the second issue in particular touches on a variety of issues, such as the gay scene and pedophilia.

Overall, Manhunt is a feminist comic title, but it is distinguished by the significant number of contributions from male artists and writers in both issues. This led to several stories from the guys about men's relationships with women, but usually conveyed without the chauvinistic attitude found in many undergrounds.

Manhunt Comix may not have been groundbreaking, but appearing on the heels Tits & Clits Comix and Wimmen's Comix (both launched in 1972 and produced exclusively by women), this series shows that women and men creators with strong personalities can get along when tackling a potentially precarious subject like women's liberation.