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excellent writing
skilled art
historical bonus 2
total score 7
Manhunt Comix #2
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Only Printing / December, 1974 / 36 pages / Co-op Press
Manhunt Comix #2 slightly improves on the first issue by taking on a couple more challenging stories while sustaining the same open approach with both men and women comic creators. Though not identified as editor, it appears Terry Richards reprises her role from the first issue and I suspect she is the author of the introduction on the inside front cover by "Helen Dirty Girly" (a spoof on legendary Cosmopolitan magazine editor Helen Gurley Brown).

The second issue gets off to a raucus start with Lola Bennet's "I Was a Fag Hag," illustrated by Trina Robbins, in which a young woman falls head over heels for a gay man. Of course, despite all her efforts, the object of her desire cannot return her feelings and she plunges into despair...until she meets a new man who can fulfill her dreams!

There are stories about juggling multiple lovers, fantasizing about being with someone besides your real-life partner, and the romance problems of a high-school girl with more brains than beauty. Leslie Cabarga also contributes a story called "Child Molester" that would never make it any comic book today, given that it spins the tale of a stepfather who is attracted to his young stepdaughter, yet it does not entirely demonize him and the story doesn't end in disaster.

The second issue of Manhunt concludes yet another short-lived underground comic series that I wish had produced more issues.
It is currently unknown how many copies of this comic book were printed. It has not been reprinted

Becky Wilson - 1
Terry Richards - 2 (text)
Lola Bennet - 3-6 (script)
Trina Robbins - 3-6 (art)
Justin Green - 7-8, 35
Ted Richards - 9-12, 23-25 (collaboration)
Leslie Cabarga - 13-15
Nancy Griffith - 16 (text)
Terry Richards - 17-19 (script collaboration), 26
Willy Murphy - 17-1 9 (script collaboration), 27-29
Gary Hallgren - 20, 30
Sharon Kahn Rudahl - 21-22
Sheridan Anderson - 23-25 (collaboration)
Lee Marrs - 31-34
Shelby Sampson - 36