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The Comixjoint Marketplace is a site for comic book sellers and related companies to generate new business. The Marketplace is subject to rules and standards for both buyers and sellers, as described below. Paid advertisers can advertise any merchandise or service and there are no commissions charged for sales. We can't guarantee customer satisfaction with every advertiser, but we welcome feedback and do our best to ensure a fair and honest marketplace.

Marketplace Rules and Standards
1. Sellers
Be an honest seller. Misrepresentation will result in termination of your agreement.

2. Buyers
Don't be schmuck. Attempts to cheat our sellers will result in you getting banned from the site.

3. Warranty
In no event shall Comixjoint.com be liable for any damages arising out of any business transaction initiated on our site, except for those transactions directly conducted by the site owner, M. Steven Fox. We offer no warranty or guarantee of your satisfaction with any business interaction with our members or paid advertisers, whether you are a buyer or a seller. If you are dissatisfied with any business interaction initiated through this site, you may contact us at msteven@comixjoint.com and describe your issue. We will do what we can to help resolve your issue, but make no warranty for your satisfaction with the outcome of that resolution.

4. Future Modifications
Comixjoint.com may revise these Rules and Standards at any time with appropriate notification to our paid advertisers.

5. Governing Law
Any claim relating to Comixjoint.com's website shall be governed by the laws of the State of Tennessee without regard to its conflict of law provisions.

Email msteven@comixjoint.com to place an ad on this page. There are two ad sizes available. The small ad is 332 pixels wide by 200 pixels tall and costs $5.00 a month. The large ad is 332 pixels wide by 430 pixels tall and costs $8.00 a month. Your ad can run as long as you want (after the original six-month commitment) at the same monthly rate. You must maintain an active website that links to your ad. If you do not maintain an active site for your link, your ad may be terminated.

Marketplace Details and Ad Rates
Initial Advertising Commitment
To place an ad on Comixjoint.com, the advertiser agrees to an initial commitment of six months of advertising. For small ads, the commitment requires an initial flat fee of $30. For large ads, the commitment requires an initial flat fee of $48.

Ongoing Rate
After the initial six-month term has expired, the rate for continued advertising is $5 a month for small ads and $8 a month for large ads.

Physical Size of Advertisements
Small ads are 332 pixels wide by 200 pixels tall.
Large ads are 332 pixels wide by 430 pixels tall.

Ad Design Assistance
To help launch the Marketplace, I am offering some assistance with ad layout and design for a limited time. Sellers can coordinate with me to develop an ad that optimizes the amount of space available in your chosen ad size.
Terms of Service