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excellent writing
exceptional art
historical bonus 2
total score 8
Middle Class Fantasies #1
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1st Printing / May, 1973 / 36 pages / Cartoonists Co-op Press
Jerry Lane produced this comic book as part of his Masters thesis in art at California State University, Fresno. The central story in this book (as well as the 2nd issue that followed three years later) is "The Frogman", in which a mysterious man in a diving suit floats into a young woman's life on a recurring basis. Lane also provides a terrific homage to the Marx Brothers.
There are two printings of this comic book. The 1st printing (10,000 copies) is by Cartoonists Co-op Press and has a 50-cent cover price. The 2nd printing (unknown copies) is by Keith Green (Industrial Realities) and has a $1.00 cover price
. Keith Green published the 2nd printing of this book at the same time he published Middle Class Fantasies #2 in 1976.

Jerry Lane - 1-36