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excellent writing
skilled art
historical bonus 4
total score 10
Mom's Homemade Comics #1
2nd-3rd Printing / October, 1969 / 36 pages / The Print Mint

First Printing July 4, 1969
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In 1969, not long after the revolution began in San Francisco and sprouted up in Chicago (with Bijou Funnies), Kitchen was inspired by the power of the medium and launched his own comic book title, Mom's Homemade Comics ("Straight from the Kitchen to you!"). After The Print Mint produced 4,000 copies of the book, Kitchen personally solicited copies at the Schlitz Circus Parade in 1969 with his brother and a couple of friends. Kitchen eventually sold 3,000 comics copies of the book in the Milwaukee area alone.

The remarkable thing about Mom's is how it still manages to be funny today, over 40 years after its original publication. This is almost entirely due to Kitchen's dazzling wit with words, which elevates the series above the average underground.
There are three printings of this comic book, all by The Print Mint. The 1st printing (5,000 copies) has a 49-cent cover price. The 2nd printing (5,000 copies) and 3rd printing (10,000 copies) have a 50-cent cover price and are considered indistinguishable from one another

Denis Kitchen - 1-33, 34 (text), 35-36
Robert Crumb - 34 (spot illustration)