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solid writing
exceptional art
historical bonus 3
total score 8
Mother's Oats Comix #1
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1st Printing / October, 1969 / 28 pages / Rip Off Press
When Fried Schrier and Dave Sheridan approached Rip Off Press with the nearly complete artwork to Mother's Oats Comix #1 in 1969, Rip Off co-founder Jack Jackson was convinced Sheridan's work was worthy but not so sure about Schrier's. But since Sheridan insisted they would only publish together, Jackson and Rip Off went ahead with the book. And were they glad they did!

Mother's Oat Comix #1 was a huge hit and went through several printings, launching the comic careers of Schrier and Sheridan. Jackson's initial reluctance about Schrier proved unfounded, as he acknowledged in a 1972 interview with author Patrick Rosenkranz; "Within a year, Schrier's style had developed to where it was almost better in some respects than Sheridan's."

Mother's Oats Comix #1 includes the debut of Sheridan's Dealer McDope character in "The Doings of Dealer McDope." Dealer McDope became one of Sheridan's signature characters, selected as the poster boy for the 1972 California Marijuana Initiative and starring in his own board game published by Last Gasp. The comic also features Schrier's "Ego Trips," in which his protagonist goes on a wild, psychedelic journey to rescue his ego, which was stolen by his id.

One can see that Sheridan is a more accomplished cartoonist than Schrier in this issue, but also see Schrier's potential, which would be soon realized. The writing is also not quite as solid as the next two issues of the book.
There are five known printings of this book, all by Rip Off Press and all with 50-cent covers. It is currently unknown how many copies of this comic book were printed for any of the printings.
The first three printings state "1st Edition" at the bottom of the back cover and the first two have a red background on the Rip Off Press logo on the front cover. The only definitive way to identify the 1st printing is the word balloon on the front cover, in which "W'KINA SHITS FER BREKFUST?" is printed in solid blue (cyan) ink. In the 2nd printing the words are printed in cyan with black ink on top of it. The 3rd printing has the same type colors (cyan and black) in the word balloon, but the Rip Off Press logo has a white background instead of a red one.
The 4th and 5th printings state "3rd Edition" at the bottom of the back cover, have a white background for the Rip Off logo, and the type in the word balloons is in solid black ink.
The only way to differentiate the 4th and 5th printings is by the artwork in the Rip Off Press logo on the front cover. In the 4th printing, the handle of the knife clenched in the pirate's mouth is on the right. In the 5th printing, the handle is on the left.

Fred Schrier - 1-2 (collaboration), 13, 15-25, 28
Dave Sheridan - 1-2 (collaboration), 3-12, 14, 26, 27