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excellent writing
masterpiece art
historical bonus 3
total score 9
Mother's Oats Comix #2
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Austin Stone
1st Printing / August, 1971 / 36 pages / Rip Off Press
Mother's Oat Comix #2 is one of the most hallucinogenic-inspired undergrounds ever created (and there were many). Be sure to keep a magnifying glass handy for scrutinizing the tiny art details and the (sometimes) very tiny words. Highlights include Fred Schrier's "Word Salad" and Dave Sheridan's "Fun House." These stories probably offer the trippiest underground comics ever published, infused with ornate and detailed illustrations and peppered with innovative sound effects (a la Don Martin) as the characters venture ambitiously into strange worlds.
There are three known printings of this book, all by Rip Off Press and all with 50-cent covers. It is currently unknown how many copies of this comic book were printed for any of the printings.
The 1st printing has no copyright information printed in the book
. Copyright information for the 2nd and 3rd printings has been added to the inside front cover. The only definitive way to tell the latter two printings apart is that the 1st printing uses glossy paper stock for the covers and the 2nd printing uses matte cover stock.

Dave Sheridan - 1, 15-16, 23-34
Dr. E. Ambro - 2
Fred Schrier - 3-11, 14, 20-22
Jack Jackson - 12-13
Greg Irons - 17-19 (art)
Tom Veitch - 17-19 (script)
S. Lipney - 35
Marks - 35