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solid writing
skilled art
historical bonus 2
total score 6
Myron Moose #2
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Only Printing / 1973 / 42 pages / Myron Moose Comic Book Works
Bob Foster's Myron Moose character is an anthropomorphic bull moose with a sinus problem, leading to frequent nostril picking and mucus drips from his snout. Foster self-published the first two issues of Myron Moose Funnies in the early '70s while working for the animation studios Filmation and Hanna-Barbera (a three-issue second volume, with some new and some reprinted work, was published by Fantagraphics in the mid '80s).

The second issue has a bit more deviant underground content than the first, most of it supplied by Foster but some by Vincent Davis, who provides some of the best comics in the book. Davis contributes the opening story, "Travels with Myron," a road adventure that devolves into a battle between the comic strip characters (as comic book characters), hardhat rednecks and a movie production company on location, which neatly squeezes in a cameo appearance by Crumb's Mr. Natural. Davis also gives us a send-up of comic collectors in "Comic Book Fans," which was directed at veteran collectors back in the early '70s so it mostly applies to old-timers today! (Ha, don't believe that! If you are a hardcore collector of any age, it will apply to you, too!) "Comic Book Fans" originally appeared in Promethean Enterprises #4.

A few others also contribute to the book, most notably Alex Toth, who did a one-pager featuring Fox, a minor comic costumed hero Toth sometimes illustrated, and Myron Moose. Unfortunately, the work of Bob Zamboni and Dan Rodgriguez is mostly mediocre, which knocks the review score down a bit. The book also suffers a bit of an identity crisis, as it includes comics with moose erections and sexual acts mixed in with what could easily be construed as children's comics. With a little more cohesiveness and editing (and maybe more Vincent Davis), Myron Moose Funnies #2 could have been a real winner.
It is currently unknown how many copies of this comic book were printed. It has not been reprinted.



Bob Foster - 1, 7-18, 25-26, 41-42
Vincent Davis - 2-6, 19-24, 36, 38-40
Alex Toth - 27
Bob Zamboni - 28-30, 31-33 (collaboration)
Landreth - 31-33 (collaboration)
Dan Rodriguez - 34-35, 37