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excellent writing
skilled art
historical bonus 3
total score 7
Rip Off Comix #18
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18 Introduction
Table of Contents
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Back Cover
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Only Printing / Spring 1988 / 52 pages / Rip Off Press
Rip Off Comix #18 reverts back to the subtitle of "International Review of Comics" instead of having a theme. Full review coming soon!
It is currently unknown how many copies of this comic book were printed. It has not been reprinted. Like other magazine-format comics with numbered pages, the index of comic creators below follows the page numbers defined in the magazine instead of counting the covers as additional numbered pages.


Gilbert Shelton - front cover (art), inside front cover, back cover (art)
Guy Colwell - front cover (color)
Kathe Todd - inside front cover (introduction)
R. Diggs - 2-7
Hunt Emerson - 8-9 (art)
Tym Manley - 8-9 (script)
Charlie Schlingo - 10-14
Douglas Michael - 15-17
Frank Stack (aka Foolbert Sturgeon) - 18-24
F. Margerin - 25-27
R. L. Crabb - 28-31
Larry Todd - 32-33
Tim Pueyo - 34-38 (script)
Gavin Wood - 34-38 (art)
Lisa Baker - 34-38 (lettering)
Ace Backwords - 39
Dennis Worden - 40-43
Lindsey Arnold - 44
Paul Carali - 45-48
Tony Bell - back cover (script)