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This page was designed to share Comixjoint webcomix, but we have no webcomix to share! Well, not enough to achieve my original vision for this page, anyway. The original vision (in 2006) was to host a diverse library of webcomix, with both locally based comics and external links to other web comic sites. But over the years, I think other sites have fulfilled the market need for web comics, and I'm not so sure this section of Comixjoint is really viable or needed anymore.

Therefore, as the site evolves and more feedback is received from visitors and forum members, it's possible that webcomix will be eliminated from the site. That would free up the webcomix link in the left sidebar for another major section of Comixjoint. Perhaps a price guide or some other premium service. In the end, the people who visit this site will determine the best use for the link. Until then, the link in the left sidebar will lead to this solitary page.
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