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adventures of crystal night
writing excellent
art skilled
bonus 2
total score 8
Adventures of Crystal Night

Only Printing / November, 1980 / 36 pages / Kitchen Sink

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Adventures of Crystal Night is a terrific story that is set some time in the distant future, when the ruling class forbids the propagation of the "inferior" race. Our heroine, Crystal, should have been killed at birth, but her mother makes a deal with the matron of the Aristo Hierarchy, so she is allowed live. She grows up like an adopted daughter within a family of the ruling class.

The adventure really shifts into high gear after this tough little girl grows up. If you enjoy feminist comics at all, you are sure to enjoy this one-shot tale of love, family, class warfare, deception, loyalty and redemption. Sharon Kahn Rudahl is one of the golden era underground's leading women writers and comic artists, and it is impressive that she continued to put out top flight comic work into the 1980s. Despite an onslaught of criticism and shunning from many of her underground peers, Rudahl continued to persevere.

Kitchen Sink Press printed approximately 7,500 copies of this comic book. It has not been reprinted. This is currently the most recently published comic book with a new title that I categorized in the underground section. Everything that came after this book was published, I put in the Alternative section.

Sharon Kahn Rudahl - 1-36