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bizarre sex 3 1st
solid writing
skilled art
historical bonus 2
total score 7
Bizarre Sex #3
1st Printing / June, 1973 / 36 Pages / Kitchen Sink

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More sticky stuff from the crew at Kitchen Sink, beginning with "The House of Ill Repute" by Fershid Bahrucha, which makes you think twice about visiting a seedy whorehouse. Also features an underground version of the card game "Old Maid," designed by Jay Lynch. In the introduction to the game, Lynch recommends you buy five copies of the comic book to manufacture a complete set of playing cards! Bizarre Sex #3 is a solid comic with funny bits from a variety of contributors.
There are five printings of this comic book all by Kitchen Sink. The 1st printing (10,000 copies) has a 50-cent cover price, the 2nd through 4th printings (5,000 copies each) have a 75-cent cover price and the 5th printing (5,000 copies) has a $1.00 cover price. All five editions indicate their printing on the inside front cover. The 2nd through 4th printings are difficult to distinguish without access to the IFC.
Mike Roberts - 1, 13-20
Denis Kitchen - 2 (ad), 23
Fershid Bahrucha - 3-5
Dave Herring - 6
Mike Vosberg - 7-11, 29-33
Howard Cruse - 12, 26-28
Peter Poplaski - 1 (color), 23
Peter Loft - 21, 34
Jay Lynch - 22-24
Justin Green - 22-24
Tim Boxell - 24-25
Robert Crumb - 35 (ad)
Peter Manesis - 36

bizarre sex 3 5th
5th Printing
$1.00 cover.