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bizarre sex 5 1st
solid writing
exceptional art
historical bonus 2
total score 8
Bizarre Sex #5
1st Printing / April, 1978 / 36 Pages / Kitchen Sink

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It's been over 40 years since Richard Corben graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute, and he is as popular as ever. This Corben cover earns a Top Twenty Underground Cover award for its depiction of female adulation. The comic itself, which converted to magazine size for issues number 5 and 6, does not quite live up to the cover, but there are a couple good stories here, including Joel Beck's "One Dong's Family." For fans of Joe Coleman (like me), you will also find a classic 5-page portfolio of his unique artwork in this issue.

One amusing aspect about the painting for this cover is the extraordinary effort Richard Corben made in his composition and shadowing to obscure full frontal nudity for any of the women. Not a single labia majora to be found here! Yet the quite charming concept is seven horny and naked babes hugging and kissing a 20-foot penis! (Yeah, you can call it a giant "phallic slug" as Denis Kitchen did, but the intent is more than obvious.)
There are four printings of this comic book, all by Kitchen Sink. The 1st printing (10,000 copies) has a $1.00 cover price, the 2nd and 3rd printings (5,000 copies each) also have a $1.00 cover price, and the 4th printing (unknown copies) has a $2.00 cover price. All of the printings indicate which printing they are on the inside front cover. In addition, the 4th printing changes from a magazine-size comic to a standard-size comic.
Denis Kitchen - (editor)
Richard V. Corben - 1
Clyde Calwell - 1 (logo)
Steve Stiles - 2, 35
Robert Crumb - 3, 13-16
Joel Beck - 3, 4-5, 33-34
Sharon Rudahl - 3, 30-32
Charles Dallas - 3, 10-12
Tim Boxell - 6-9
Harry Buckinx - 17
Errol McCarthy - 18-19
Joe Coleman - 20-24
Howard Cruse - 25-26
George Erling - 27-29
Terry Stroud - 36 (collaboration)
Bill Stout - 36 (collaboration)

bizarre sex 5 3rd
3rd Printing
$1.00 cover, states
print edition on IFC.