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bizarre sex 7 1st
solid writing
exceptional art
historical bonus 2
total score 8
Bizarre Sex #7
1st Printing / January, 1979 / 36 Pages / Kitchen Sink

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Commies from Mars
Another fine cover from this series. The typical funny stuff is mixed in with a spooky 12-page feature by Richard Larson (inked by Tim Boxell), "Children of the Goat," which explores the power of the dark arts and the mortal consequences of getting in too deep.
There are four printings of this comic book, all by Kitchen Sink. The 1st printing (10,000 copies) has a $1.25 cover price, the 2nd and 3rd printings (unknown copies) have a $1.75 cover price, and the 4th printing (unknown copies) has a $2.00 cover price. All of the printings indicate which printing they are on the inside front cover. The 2nd and 3rd printings are difficult to distinguish without access to the IFC.
John Pound - 1
Garris - 1
Trina Robbins - 2
Steve Stiles - 3-6, 27-29
George Erling - 7-10
Dan Steffan - 11-13
Richard Larson - 14-26 (pencils)
Tim Boxell - 14-26 (inks)
Robert Armstrong (aka Aldo) - 30-32
Gary Whitney - 33-34
Fred Hembeck - 35
Scott Shaw - 36 (ad)