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coochy cooty 2nd
excellent writing
masterpiece art
historical bonus 2
total score 9
Coochy Cooty
2nd Printing / early 1970s / 28 pages / The Print Mint

First Printing December, 1970
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Coochy Cooty give us some of Robert Williams' finest work, including the majestic "The Gorilla Women of the Third Reich." His intricate drawings cannot be digested with a glance; they require devoted study. And how 'bout these titles: "Pee for Free, a Penny a Poop" and "Flaming Mammyjism"!

There are five printings of this comic book. 1st printing is by the Print Mint and has a 50-cent cover price. The 2nd and 3rd printings both have $1.00 cover prices with an Industrial Realities logo in the upper left corner, but the 2nd printing includes a reference to "Rip Off Press Archives" on the inside front cover, while the 3rd printing does not include such a reference. The 4th and 5th printings have a Last Gasp logo in the upper left corner, but the 4th printing has a $4.95 cover price, while the 5th printing has a $6.95 cover price.


Robert Williams - 1-11, 13-28
S. Williams - 12
coochy cooty   coochy cooty 5th
1st Printing
50-cent cover, Print Mint
logo in upper left corner.
  5th Printing
$6.95 cover, Last Gasp
logo in upper left corner.