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death rattle v1n3
solid writing
exceptional art
historical bonus 2total score 8
Death Rattle Vol. 1 #3
Only Printing / June, 1973 / 36 pages / Kitchen Sink
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The third issue of Death Rattle features Mike Roberts ("The Rats"), W.E. Hayden ("The Potion"), and Tim Boxell ("The Valley Of Baron Araknal"). Kitchen Sink also reunites illustrator Mike Vosberg and writer Tom Veitch, who worked on a story for the first issue in the series, to collaborate on the final story for the last issue, "Split Screen."

Death Rattle was a fine little series and it's a shame it took twelve years for Kitchen Sink to revive the title. But even if the second or third volumes never came to fruition, we'd always have this trilogy of minor treasures to enjoy.

Kitchen Sink Enterprises printed approximately 10,000 copies of this comic book. It has not been reprinted.


Mike Roberts - 1, 3-10
Tim Boxell (aka Grisly) - 2, 22-27, 36
W. E. Hayden - 11-21
Mike Vosberg - 28-35 (art)
Tom Veitch - 28-35 (script)