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These are only previews of some of the features we hope to offer in the futuresp-acer
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Percolating Revolution: A Brief 100-Year History of Underground Comics
m. steven fox
Jack Jackson's God Nose and Frank Stack's The Adventures of Jesus are among the many antecedents to the underground comics era, but the long history that spurred the revolution runs much further back than 1964.

This sweeping treatise examines the myriad roots of an entertainment media revolution by tracing media censorship back to the early 20th century and heralding the pioneers who fought for the 1st amendment. Decades of cultural battles ensued, through the eras of non-Code cinema to the EC Comics in the '50s. The countercultural explosion in the '60s led to a completely unexpected comicbook revolution that helped pave the way for today's unbridled multi-channel media. The focus of this essay recounts the birth of that revolution, the key contributors to the genre, the rapid expansion of the movement (in both volume and ambition), and the circumstances that led to the era's decline, if not its influence.

Accompanied by an illustrated timeline and plenty of opinionated bullshit from the author, Percolating Revolution provides a fast-paced chronicle of the most important era in the history of comic books.

Penthouse Comix: Oh, What Might Have Been
m. steven fox
Soon after Penthouse Comix debuted in 1994, the series became a bastion for high-quality erotic comics. Learn more about how this superb comic publication soared to the top before corruption, anarchy and even suicide led to its collapse within just a few years.

Guy Colwell: An Appreciation
m. steven fox
Though he only produced a handful of underground comic books, Guy Colwell is one of the artists whom affects me in a deeply personal way. In many ways, he is the type of artist that I might have been if I had been 15 years older and living in Oakland, California during my youth. This article is simply a tribute to his life's work and the life he has led since emerging from prison nearly 50 years ago.

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Dan Fogel
With the publication of Fogel's Underground Comix Price Guide, Dan Fogel resurrected the enterprise of non-conventional comic price guides. Despite an onslaught of controversy and criticism, Dan's vision for the future remains strong. So what is that vision, and when the hell is it going to arrive?

Michael R. Roden
The founder, publisher and creative genius behind Thru Black Holes Comix passed away in 2007. Just a few months before his death, I conducted a long interview with Mike Roden. It is presented here in its entirety for the first time.

Justin Farrell
This environmental systems engineer is an expert on a comic book era that had its golden age before he was born. So just what was it that spurred Justin's passion for underground comics and when will he outgrow this childish hobby? The answers await you here.